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NEECCo – North East England Climate Coalition

We are a cross-sector initiative bringing the region together to tackle climate emergency, reverse ecological collapse and deliver an urgent and just transition.

The creation of the North East England Climate Coalition is our region’s contribution, on behalf of future generations, to the urgent, radical and at scale response demanded by the global climate emergency. This response calls for net zero emissions which, if achieved, will mean that the birthplace of climate change – the North East of England – will be no longer contributing emissions, and can instead become a leader in our response to the climate emergency.

Our Mission

To enable the people of the North East of England to confront the climate emergency using the hard lessons drawn from our past, the strengths of our community life in the present, and the hard science that must inform our future to guide and empower our actions to tackle the climate emergency, reverse ecological collapse and deliver an urgent and just transition

Our Aims Are

  • Convey an overall vision of our Region in the future that everyone – people, communities and organisations in all our diversity – can identify with, including recent arrivals without generational connection to our past. A vision encapsulated in the phrase ‘Becoming England’s greenest region’
  • Adopt clear and necessarily ambitious targets that can be monitored and evaluated. ‘We commit to meet them and we intend to beat them’
  • Delivery climate and environmental initiatives that can only be accomplished regionally and beyond individual sectors
  • Give clear added value to out partners regionally and locally, across all of society – the private, public and voluntary sectors. Working with our partners we aim to attract resources and achieve national and international profile that could only be achieved (at scale) by a region-wide initiative such as our coalitions

Our Story and Our History

Since the summer of 2019 Voluntary Organisations’ Network North East (VONNE) has been working behind the scenes with representatiove of the public, private and VCSE sectors with the intention of creating a North East England Climate Coalition (NEECCo). The coalition, with a vision of ‘Becoming England’s Greatest Region’, would aim to address the climate crisis, ecological collapse and ensure a just transition to a green economy.

The Coalition’s creation is in part a response to our region’s history of developing and exporting the technologies – deep mining, the railways, coal fired power stations – that have caused, and continue to cause, most of the carbon emissions that have resulted in the global climate emergency. It was the engineers and entrepreneurs of North East England who ‘released the genie of coal into the world’, and this places a specific moral responsibility on our region. In response we will set ourselves truly demanding targets for the next 30 years to forge a viable, just and attractive low carbon future.

In May 2020 we established an Interim Steering Group to guide NEECCo through the next stage of its development, working towards a regional prospectus and official launch of the North East England Climate Coalition in Autumn 2020.

The climate emergency we all face has been brought into sharper focus by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has abruptly reminded us all that we live in a highly interconnected and interdependent world where collective action is the only solution to a global threat.

While the threat to life on earth posed by climate change is profound, this is also a unique moment of opportunity, post pandemic, to create a better, greener, fairer world for all people – a world transformed.

Read more about the unique history which has influenced the establishment of NEECCo – Climate Change and North East England: From Cause to Effect